MOHS'SOPs for domestic flight passengers

Standard Operation Procedure – SOPs for domestic flight passengers

1) Passengers can board any domestic flights in compliance with the SOPs of the MOHS and they can purchase air tickets for respective scheduled flights at any local ticketing agents or online without needing any recommendations from any authorities.

2) Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Test (RDT) Kit that is required for any passengers can be taken at any private hospitals/clinics and labs recognized by the MoHS. It can be done at the Government hospitals/clinics/labs by presenting air tickets or confirmation of booking for respective scheduled flights and all the costs associated with the test must be borned by passengers.

3) Only passengers who are free from suspected Covid.19 symptoms including fever, coughing and a sudden loss of smell/taste will be allowed for boarding.

4) Personal data must be filled in the passenger information form in a precise manner before the time of departure. Passengers must present information on name, address, National Registration Card number, contact details including phone numbers, ticket purchasing time. check-in time and time of arrival at the destination etc to officials responsible. Besides, the passengers must fill in the check-in time and address of accommodation at the destination town.

5) All personal information must be provided correctly in the Health Declaration Form and must be handed over to health authorities.

6) Passengers must adhere to instructions of flight attendants and surgical masks and face shields must be properly worn throughout the flight.

7) Passengers are to sit in the assigned seats throughout the flight.

8) In case of feeling unwell during the flight, inform flight attendants immediately and adhere to their instructions.

9) Upon arrival at the destination, all passengers must comply with quarantine requirements and health checks of Regional Health Department and abide by the local Orders.

Instructions for domestic flight passengers to be observed.

10) Passengers from either Stay-home townships or non-stay-home townships must present the result of ROT test issued within 36 hours prior to the time of departure at the check-in counters. Any test results that have been issued more than 36 hours prior to departure time will not be accepted.

11) Passengers from stay-home townships travelling to non-stay-home townships must go into either facility quarantine or hotel quarantine from the date of arrival at the destination. In the case of inadequate accommodation at the facility quarantine centers, passengers must be quarantined at the hotels and all costs relevant to hotel quarantine must be borne by the passengers. An RT-PCR test will be taken on the third day of quarantine and the cost of the test will be charged to the passengers. They will be allowed to leave the hotels/quarantine centers if the test results show negative. In the cases where RT-PCR tests are not available, RDT tests will be done on the 7th day of quarantine and passengers will be allowed to go only if the results show negative. Passengers must bear the cost of the test.

12) Passengers from stay-home townships travelling to other stay-home townships do not require any quarantine at the destination since they have taken RDT tests within 36 hours before the departure time.

13) Passengers from non-stay-home townships travelling to any destinations will not also require any quarantine upon arrival as they have also taken RDT tests within 36 hours before the departure time.

14) Upon arrival at the destination towns, passengers must follow the health checks and quarantine requirements of local authorities.

15) For referral patients travelling for medical reason to take treatments at the Government hospitals must inform airline personnel al the check-in counter upon their check-in and must show medical referral from signed by respective Medical Supretendents.

Note : Respectible State/Regional Health Departments must identify locations for test centers and send the passengers to those locations for either RT-PCR Tests or RDT tests. Quarantine requirements are subject to changing epidemiological situations.

Sources: Ministry of Health and Sport

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